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About Cratos Equipment, battery-powered construction equipment

Cratos Equipment

Cratos Equipment provides contractors with the most advanced equipment so that they can be more successful (complete projects safely, efficiently, and profitably).

Cratos Equipment was founded in 2013 by Alex Berg, who wanted to prove that contractors didn’t need to compromise power to use electric equipment — that electric construction equipment is better, safer, quieter, and more useful. Alex accomplished this with the introduction of the Sherpa 100ECO electric mini skid steer. Now, Cratos carries an exceptional line of all-electric battery-powered construction equipment. Cratos believes that the future is battery-powered, and the sooner we get to a zero-emissions future, the better.

First Sherpa shipment sent by Cratos Equipment.

About Us

At Cratos Equipment, our mission is to understand each contractor’s needs to provide them honest answers to improve their job site safety, efficiency, and profitability.

Opened for business in 2013, Cratos Equipment offers customers an eco-friendly product line of battery-powered construction equipment that is safer, cleaner, and more efficient. With virtually zero fuel costs than diesel-fuel equipment, their electric construction machinery is more cost-effective over time, quieter on the job, and releases no fumes allowing work in occupied spaces. Cratos Equipment makes work more productive.

Cratos Equipment started with the Sherpa 100ECO- which has become the standard in electric mini skid steers—combining safety, performance, and efficiency. The Sherpa 100ECO has changed the game not only because it is battery-powered but because at under 31″, it effortlessly fits through any standard door. Combining its small size, weight, and low noise level, it has revolutionized the construction industry.

Our History

The founder of Cratos Equipment, Alex Berg, is a fourth-generation entrepreneur raised in Baltimore, Maryland, in a family of demolition contractors. As a young adult, Alex worked alongside his father in their family-owned demolition business. While completing a challenging project at the Fort Lauderdale Airport, he first got the idea for a zero-emission skid steer. Alex needed a machine that could easily fit indoors and would be safe to use. After plenty of research, he found a European company that made the electric skid steer he urgently needed.

After using the machine, he realized he wanted to bring this technology and discovered his true passion was to help other contractors succeed. Alex then worked with Sherpa to get the product up to his standards, and the popular Sherpa 100ECO was born. Fast forward to today, and Alex has built Cratos Equipment to meet his vision, a vision that has continued to be his driving force, redefining the industry one machine at a time.

Commitment to the Environment

Caring for the environment and playing a responsible role in society have always played a key role at Cratos Equipment. We firmly believe that a net-zero carbon future is not only environmentally beneficial but also economically viable.

Cratos Equipment works to minimize all operations’ environmental impact, works to develop energy-efficient products, and be a responsible corporate entity.

The Cratos vision is a world run on clean rechargeable battery power. The current fleet includes two electric mini skid steers, one electric mini excavator, and two electric wheelbarrows– with more equipment joining the fleet in 2021. 

Cratos is also committed to replanting forests. Every purchase made results in a donation to the Arbor Day Foundation. The gift supports critical efforts to revitalize forests across the country to ensure that future generations can enjoy access to forests and have better air and water quality.


It looks small but its a real tanker. That thing will climb anything when it it's full.

Duke Long
President, R&K Concrete Cutting

Having 1 Sherpa is like having 1 ball... You just gotta have 2.

Bill Fay
Owner, Tiny's Construction

The 100ECO has brought numerous new customers along with our current customers. Everyone is really happy with the machine and its performance. We are very happy we added it to our fleet.

Kevin Fitzgerald
Owner, Reddy Rents

Every Denver contractor in Denver is asking us about them. We don't tell them where we got them because it gives us such a huge advantage.

Pete Vastyan
Principal, 2:41 Demo

On the whole, I am quite blown away with the new efficiency we have found using the products at Cratos Equipment - specifically the SHERPA 100ECO. My Teams can now accomplish more in less time - and that is great for our efficiency and profitability.

Paul Middleton
Abel Plus Services

Being more used to larger equipment, every time I run a Sherpa, I get frustrated at the lack of crazy raw power for some strange reason I expect. Then I kick myself after the realization that I would be doing it by hand otherwise and I love them!

John Coulter

These things are bulletproof. We sent them out to a job for a couple months and beat the crap out of them and did nothing but charge the batteries. They still haven't stopped working.

Wes Baker
Operations Manager. Lloyd's Construction Services

Short answer: It's a game-changer. It's the best purchase I have ever made for my business. (Referencing the Sherpa 100ECO)

Josh Perkins
Patriot Concrete Cutting

The 100ECO has saved us months of work. With it being battery powered, we were able to take it to our indoor job and as I said - it literally saved us months on this job.

Dale Burdge
Owner, Innovative Cleaning Solutions

I wish I had my 100ECO 10 years ago when I was moving all this concrete. It's saved us a lot of time and money by doing all of the heavy lifting where we used to have 8-10 people instead.

Gary Andrews
Project Manager, R&K Concrete Cutting

Logistics in/out of the building are difficult, with no way to bring material/garbage in out on this floor except for an area well/exterior building shell overhead door. Due to the thickness of the slab (8”), it was cut with a conventional walk-behind concrete saw with a large blade. The Sherpa, using the vacuum/suction square attachment, was used to transport the removed pieces (approx. 2-2.5’ square pieces of slab/deck) from the area of demo to the area well for hoist out of the building. The Sherpa performed the tasks with no issues, added bonus with no negative impacts to air quality in the building.

Matt Felicelli
QA/QC. Turner Construction Company

We have seen cost savings in labor, increase in productivity and less injuries on the job. We also like how versatile the machine is, no emissions, fits through a standard door, light enough for all elevators and we have even adapted some of our own accessories to it. Once the unit was in the field, all of the foreman have been requesting them.

Chris Iscra
Field Operations, Break Thru Demolition