Cities Across the US Focus on the Environment |


Cities Across the US Focus on the Environment

Cities Across the US Focus on the Environment

People across the nation have shifted their focus to try to mitigate their impact on the environment. The desire for long-term energy cost savings and a cleaner environment has caused local governments to demand energy-efficient buildings, electric car stations, and renewable energy structures. New stricter regulations and guidelines have increased the demand for green building materials and equipment, forcing increased resources into the green market. With that said, the global green market is expected to grow by $132.13 billion in the next four years. 

For the past five years, the ACEEE has analyzed every major city in America to find those making the most progress when it comes to clean energy. The 2020 City Clean Energy scorecard revealed the top five most energy-conscious cities: New York City, Boston, Seattle, Minneapolis, and San Francisco.  The majority of the initiatives enacted aren’t only for city buildings and construction but apply to all businesses in the area. Recently, New York announced new regulations for Accelerated Renewable Energy Growth. 

Despite the interruptions caused by COVID-19, New York wants to get back on track, restarting renewable energy construction, and focusing once more on the environment.In Seattle, the city council plans to begin the Seattle Green New Deal, which will bring profound changes to energy, housing, transportation, and health systems. To get companies on board, they have even put funding into place for companies that seek to make the necessary changes. Similarly, Minneapolis, Boston, and San Francisco are working diligently to get their version of a Green New Deal passed in their city to work toward 100% clean energy over the next ten years. 

It is no secret that as the bigger cities commit to going green, others will soon follow. While the speed at which this happens might not be as fast as larger cities with more significant resources, it is a growing trend that isn’t going to go away. How are you going green? 


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