Cratos – The New Normal

The Sherpa 100ECO with the grapple bucket

The New Normal — what is that?

Seven years ago, when we started out to build a business here at Cratos Equipment, we had one mission:  SAFETY, EFFICIENCY, and PROFITABILITY for our clients.

We anchored around the fact that we had a battery-powered machine that would allow you to work indoors safely and more efficiently. We also knew that our machine, if used correctly, would drive profitability, and that is what every contractor and business want.

As the journey started, we were quick to realize that the construction industry is slow to adapt to change.  Imagine getting out of your truck with a battery-powered machine in a world of diesel, gas, and propane. We cannot tell you how many times we heard “I just like the way gas smells” or “your machine will never be able to take the beating that my guys give machines.”  We learned to shrug and just ask for a chance on a job site.

That is where the magic was. Once on the job site, the contractors, demolition crews, and concrete cutters were looking with amazement as the Sherpa was able to pick up 650 pounds of concrete or haul away 700 pounds of debris. As a company, we were off and running. We also found that 62% of our customers would come back to us for a second machine within the first 180 days. They saw the Sherpa for what it is — it simply drives SAFETY, EFFICIENCY, and PROFITABILITY. This 30-second video clip shows it all!

Here are three associates removing a slab of concrete — all working hard. On the other side is the Sherpa with one operator doing the same thing. It should be pointed out that the Sherpa is not getting tired and is taking two slabs while they are working on their first one.

Over the last seven years, we have charged headfirst into our mission of making our clients (including interior demolition, concrete cutters, and general contractors) more successful while enhancing their efficiency and creating a safer work environment. We have put over 1,000 machines into the market, and the feedback has been terrific. So much so that we are now even getting competitors in the market.


As Covid-19 stretches across the globe, it is changing the way we do business yet again. Interestingly, this new norm aligns with the Cratos mission statement, in a sense. We have said all along that the Sherpa allows you to work more efficiently with fewer associates, which falls in line with how companies are adapting during this shift on the job site.

In a time when the construction industry is facing the following challenges…

  1.     A labor shortage when it comes to the manual labor.
  2.      A work site with SOCIAL DISTANCING to keep all employees safe.

…the Sherpa has never been more valuable!

If you are interested in driving SAFETY, EFFICIENCY, and PROFITABILITY, it is simply time to get a Sherpa on your job sites so you too can see what we have known for the last seven years. As you move forward adapting and growing your business, the Sherpa is the easiest decision you will have to make.

Let our mission help your mission as Cratos Equipment enhances your success — Give our team a call at 954-978-3440 or visit our website at


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