Dealing with a Dangerous Construction Site?

Dangerous Construction Site

This remote-controlled mini skid steer can get the job done safely

Safety and efficiency are the watchwords of any good workplace, and that’s never more true than on a construction site. Guarding against the many hazards a site worker must face is a major responsibility. Even so, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) estimates that more than one in 10 construction workers are injured on the job every year. Under the OSH Act, employers must hit the checklist to make sure on-site safety is up to par.

There is a novel way to help you mitigate this risk. Modern construction equipment has become safer with the advent of battery-powered, remote-controlled vehicles. They’re safe, efficient, and adaptable – and they’re OSHA approved.

Ditch the danger with a Sherpa100EHD, a remote-controlled (RC) site-safety solution.

The Sherpa 100 EHD is the answer for any site looking for a safe, durable, and efficient skid. It’s a powerful mini loader that operates via microprocessor. Since it’s computer-controlled, every use of the battery is maximized while providing users with the ability to control it remotely for risky, tiring, or tight jobs.

Measuring only 31 inches wide, this mini skid increases maneuverability and operating potential compared to gas-powered equivalents, as well as making the steer very lift-friendly. Despite its diminutive size, the 100EHD rolls with low tire pressure and it has a tipping load ability over 1,700 lbs.

Whenever the job calls for it, the 100EHD can switch easily between full-manual or remote control.

The 100EHD also has you covered with the unseen dangers

Risks of obvious injury aside, every construction site also faces the twin hazards of fumes and noise pollution. The battery-powered 100EHD neatly bypasses dangerous emissions altogether and can successfully perform indoors – where a gas-powered competitor can’t function without adequate ventilation. And it’s quiet, obviating the need for hearing protection for its operators.

Investing against the risks of a dangerous construction site

Foresight is another watchword in construction. Having one eye on the future of your build is key to success, as is keeping up to speed with the state of the industry. Battery power is the future of construction and any company who invests in it will see their cost outlays rewarded many times over.

If you want a truly modern mini skid steer, scroll down our page and enter a few figures into our Cost Calculator. You’ll see how much you’d be saving with RC and battery-powered equipment, not to mention guarding against potentially high penalties from the Environmental Protection Agency and OSHA for violating health and safety regulations. For more insight on just how costly that can be, check out our previous blog.

Remote-controlled boosts safety and the bottom line

Remote-controlled, battery-powered construction equipment mitigates the risk from accidents, fumes, and noise, while saving your company on the cost of fuel and allowing it to operate easily indoors. It’s not difficult to see why more and more companies are going with battery-power.

Are you ready to go remote? Affordable, efficient, and productive are what Cratos equipment stands for and we’re here to help. You can reach us at (954)-978 3440 or send us a message detailing your construction needs.

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