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Electric Wheelbarrows Increase Job Site Efficiency

Electric Wheelbarrow increases job site performance

When it comes to construction, there is nothing more traditional than the wheelbarrow. Thankfully, with the advent of technology, we now have electric wheelbarrows that provide power-assisted pushing and automatic dumping capabilities. As conventional as the wheelbarrow might be, the electric wheelbarrow is revolutionary, making job sites more productive by replacing the need for more labor, carrying more weight, and reducing accidents.

Have you been on a construction project with the following challenges?

  1. Labor availability 
  2. High labor wages  
  3. Uneven terrain 
  4. Tight spaces 

With a battery-powered buggy, you can easily overcome some of the most common job-site challenges, including labor shortage. An electric wheelbarrow can easily replace four to five job site laborers because it can complete the laborer’s task in hours in minutes. By reducing the time it takes for work to get done, you save both time and money.

Wheelbarrows that offer no power assistance are well-known to cause accidents on a job site because workers cannot hold the weight of a wheelbarrow on uneven terrain. Even when an accident does not occur, the back problems that arise from constantly wheeling a heavy load can have detrimental impacts on a worker.

An electric wheelbarrow can make everything easier; they offer the ability to move heavy loads, reduce workers, and get tasks done faster.

Battery Powered High Tip Buggy
  • Electric Wheelbarrow

PowerPac MCE400

  • 8+ battery life 
  • 33.5″ wide 
  • 880 max payload
  • Low maintenance
Read more about the MCE 400.

Twinca ES800

  • 8+ battery life 
  • 59″ dump height 
  • 35.5″ wide 
  • 1,764 max payload
Read more about the ES800.

Twinca ES500 

  • 8+ battery life 
  • 51″ dump height 
  • 31.5″ wide 
  • 1,100 max payload
Read more about the ES500.

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