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Epiroc SB102 Hammer w/ TopCap and Moil for Sherpa


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The Epiroc SB102 hydraulic hammer attachment is slim, compact and simple to handle—making them extremely versatile. The Epiroc SB102 combines superior efficiency and performance with high reliability and serviceability.


  • SolidBody concept- Integrates percussion mechanism and guide system into a single block of special cast iron, decreasing the number of parts
  • Piston recoil energy is automatically utilized to increase the performance without additional hydraulic input
  • Pressure relief valve- Built-in valve to protect against overloads
  • AutoStart- The hydraulic breaker start without load applied to working tool

Additional Information:

Weight: 140 lbs
Working tool diameter: 1.77 inches
Working length of tool: 10.4 inches
Hydraulic input power, max: 11.7 HP
Oil flow: 4.2 gum – 9.2 gum
Operating pressure: 1450 psi – 2175 psi
Impact rate: 750 blows/min – 2,300 blows/min
Width: 29.5 inches
Height: 15 inches
Depth: 6.625 inches

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