R&K Concrete Cutting and How the SHERPA 100ECO Makes Work Easier

The Sherpa 100ECO Makes Work Easier

Tell us a little about yourself:

Gary Andrews. I’ve been working for R & K Concrete Cutting for the last 25 years. R&K has been in the concrete cutting business for 47 years based out of Las Vegas, NV. We specialize in core drilling, flat sawing, wall sawing, grinding, hard & soft demo, jackhammering, wrecking, and concrete removal & replacement.

What made you decide to purchase your first Sherpa?

We were doing a job down in Laughlin inside a casino and had to move a lot of dirt. We were doing it with a demo robot that we rented for the job but it wasn’t going fast enough. The main feature that sold us on the Sherpa was it being battery-powered, small enough to fit through doors.

What was the first thing that stuck out to you once you got the machine on your first job site?

We were immediately able to use it to remove tons and tons of dirt and concrete fast and efficiently. It also ran a full shift and our workers didn’t get tired.

How have you used the machine since then?

When the particular job comes around where we can’t get a big tractor inside, because of the 3-foot door, then the Sherpa is the ideal piece of equipment. We have a lot of diesel-powered equipment and sometimes we are unable to take it inside because we are required to use electric equipment, that’s where the Sherpa is beneficial. With the Sherpa, we can have an electric piece of equipment to do all of the concrete removal which saves us countless hours compared to doing it by hand.

What feedback do you have on the machine after several years of use?

For what our company does, the Sherpa is an ideal piece of equipment. We have used it so much that we have a second set of tires on our Sherpa and it’s still working like a charm. Battery life is still excellent, running up to 8 hours even after 4 years of use.  Extremely minimal cost of maintenance, tires is really the only thing we did maintenance on.

Gary Andrews
R&K Concrete Cutting
North Las Vegas, Nevada

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