A rising value of residential and nonresidential construction has generated a new demand for demolition. This demand paired with state-of-the-art machinery has laid the groundwork for technology’s role in revolutionizing the demolition industry. As hand labor is slowly being replaced with cutting-edge equipment, the approach to modern day demolition is evolving to meet the needs of a competitive market.

Strategic partnerships have long been an essential component of construction and demolition ventures. When an experienced workforce meets powerful machinery, a productive working environment is born. Robinette Demolition, Inc. and Cratos Equipment are the product of this strategic combination.


Over 40 years in the making, Robinette Demolition is now one of the nation’s largest demolition contractors. The company is one of the most sought-after demolition contractors as they travel across the country to execute comprehensive demolition work. While providing a wide range of demolition services including large soil remediation and emergency response jobs, Robinette Demolition is most recognized for interior and total building high profile structural developments.

Owned by brothers, John Robinette, the company’s Vice President, and Thomas Robinette, the company’s President and former President of the National Demolition Association (NDA), Robinette Demolition is a trailblazer in demolition engineering. In 2013, the company did approximately $26 million in revenue, making them the 15th largest demolition contractor in the United States, as noted in the Construction & Demolition Recycling Magazine. In addition, Robinette Demolition was previously ranked 10th in the nation based on revenue and named the largest interior demolition contractor in the country.

With a world-class reputation and an award-winning safety team, Robinette Demolition offers a complete turnkey approach for all demolition operations while maintaining a special focus on client satisfaction and environmentally responsible practices. The organization is steadfast in their pursuit to remain competitive by using top of the line technology and machinery. As such, Robinette Demolition was open-minded when approached by Alex Berg, CEO and President of Cratos Equipment.


Founded in 2013, Cratos Equipment is the nation’s exclusive distributor of the SHERPA 100ECO, the only battery-powered mini skid steer in the world. SHERPA is the first manufacturer to introduce an electric mini skid steer, which boasts the power of its “combustion engine” counterparts. Keep in mind, however, there is nothing “mini” about the capacity of this powerful, reliable machine. Particularly suitable for interior work, the 100ECO is a groundbreaking advancement in compact, environmentally-friendly equipment.

The strategic partnership was developed when Robinette Demolition was approached by Cratos Equipment a year ago to set up a demonstration of the 100ECO machine. After using the machine for a month, Thomas Robinette decided to purchase not one, but two SHERPA 100ECO machines. The company quickly recognized the considerable value in this investment to meet their objectives of boosting productivity with no carbon monoxide issues, minimal training requirements, and ease of operation.

“We have been able to improve our load out program substantially at a lower cost using the 100ECO. Our company has to constantly upgrade our heavy and light equipment in order to be competitive.”

Thomas Robinette, Robinette Demolition

Today, Robinette Demolition has three 100ECO machines as well as the majority of the attachment accessories. The 100ECO’s variety of attachments makes it easy to break concrete with its hydraulic hammer, remove debris with a grapple bucket, and dig trenches with a backhoe. Every demolition project requires different attachments to get the job done and the 100ECO makes this process seamless and efficient.
The 100ECO weighs in at less than 1,600 pounds, so this lightweight machine can travel inside of a standard elevator. To boot, the machine is less than 31 inches wide. As a result, it finds itself in the perfect niche for interior projects with the ease of fitting through a standard U.S. doorway, even while leaving the door on the hinges. Using a 110V charging station, the 100ECO can fully recharge in less than 13 hours. With an 8 hour battery life, Robinette Demolition’s interior projects are more productive and profitable with the SHERPA 100ECO.


The SHERPA 100ECO’s small stature and light weight may be misleading, but this machine is certainly not a toy. As the first of its kind to hit the market, savvy construction and demolition contractors will benefit from the 100ECO’s progressive, state-of-the-art features. From energy efficiency to lifting capacity and from battery life to ideal dimensions for interior work, Robinette Demolition has reaped the benefits of this impressive piece of equipment.

The construction and demolition industry has found itself at an exhilarating crossroad. Hand labor may be on the decline, but technology advancements are moving ahead with vigor and dynamism. What was once viewed as futuristic technology is quickly becoming the new standard. As the fundamental shift in technique for the execution of construction and demolition projects transpires, the SHERPA 100ECO proudly positions Robinette Demolition at the forefront.

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