The Future is Battery-Powered

The Battery-Powered Construction Equipment Trend is Growing

According to the International Energy Agency, the global Electric Vehicle (EV) fleet exceeded 5.1 million vehicles in 2018, up 40% from the 2 million vehicles in 2017. By 2025 global EV sales could top 100 million per year. In a new report issued by IDTechEx Research, it is predicted that by 2029 construction, agriculture, and mining EVs will surpass fuel-powered vehicle sales.

Clean technology and the reduction of harmful emissions, coupled with the ability for use in urban job sites or noise and emissions-sensitive environments such as hospitals and schools, is making battery-power impossible to ignore.

Construction is the most significant driving factor of ozone emissions

The EPA has continuously enacted stricter emissions standards for nonroad diesel engines, mainly affecting the construction industry. Several regulations are becoming much more stringent in their emissions regulations to curb construction impacts and reduce the carbon footprint.

Get ahead of the curve.

Safely work indoors with battery-powered equipment

The growth in popularity is most evident in interior demolition, in which battery-powered machines have been revolutionary in decreasing timelines and the demand for labor. The quiet operations and low emissions work well from small residential to large interior projects.