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The Safer Side of Indoor Construction Equipment

Indoor Construction Equipment

How battery power lets you work – even as people shop

Ask any tenant what their first concern is with nearby construction and the answer will usually be “the noise and the mess.” The incessant high volume and noxious fumes were once a necessary and dangerous trade-off in getting the job done, especially during indoor construction. And these days, regulations and fines are high to protect both workers and the public from the damaging effects of construction pollution.

As the ideal building site model becomes cleaner and greener, battery-operated vehicles and equipment are at the forefront of an environmentally conscious and financially rewarding construction revolution. Here’s how battery power can make indoor construction a less painful process for you, your team, and any neighbors.

Battery power eliminates dangerous fumes

The hazardous fumes emitted on a construction site are never more dangerous than in enclosed, occupied spaces. It’s not only the operators of indoor construction equipment who are at risk; any member of the public sharing the space will suffer.

As of August last year, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) raised fines for violation of the Clean Air Act from $25,000 to a record high of $93,750. OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) also looks harshly upon companies who are placing people in harm’s way through the production of fumes and particulates from diesel exhausts.

Triple E vehicles are not only OSHA-approved, they’re the cost-friendly way to eliminate any chance of falling afoul of clean air fines. A battery-powered construction company is spared the loss of time and money through obtaining the necessary operating and emission permits, ensuring proper ventilation, record keeping and reporting on all fumes produced, and developing risk management plans … the list is exhaustive.

Battery-powered indoor construction equipment produces no noxious fumes, saving health, headache, and your bottom line. Give our Cost Saving Calculator a try and see how much you’d be saving.

Batteries reduce construction noise to a minimum

The dangers of construction noise are significant. From psychological distress and the inability to communicate and receive signals to permanent hearing loss, the risks run the scale from productivity delays to loss of health. And in an indoor, inhabited construction environment, members of the public are in as much danger as equipment operators and laborers.

Battery-power eliminates the dangers of occupational noise exposure, as well as the need to provide every operator with an expensive noise-reduction apparatus. Batteries allow you to continue your indoor construction during operational hours, safe in the knowledge that your team and everyone in the surrounding area are being spared the high cost of noise.

If you consider how Cratos Equipment can eliminate potential damage to personnel, the public, and your overhead, the value proposition of battery-operated equipment gets even stronger.

How Cratos Equipment’s battery-powered equipment provides a sound solution

Power Pac wheelbarrows are compact and powerful pieces of equipment. With three models to choose from and nine heavy-duty attachments, they handle tough jobs involving concrete, wood, and water. The Power Pac range allows construction and commercial contractors to move hundreds of pounds of masonry materials with ease, all while keeping quiet and producing no toxic fumes.

The Sherpa 100 EdHD defines heavy-duty flexibility with the option of either remote-control or manual operation. Capable of lifting over 1000lbs, it’s fully computer-controlled which helps maximize every use of the battery. No pollutants and super-quiet operation are standard, with the added benefit of the remote-control function sparing your workers unnecessary physical risk in dangerous conditions.

The robust Sherpa 100ECO electric mini skid steer carries a two-horsepower electric motor and 360-ampere battery that will keep it running for eight hours. Every bit as powerful as its gas-burning counterparts, the 100ECO is perfect for indoor demolition work. Like the Power Pacs, there are no dangerous exhaust fumes or bothersome noise levels.

Our mini skid steers can be combined with 30 available attachments and are already successfully deployed in projects like facilities management, remodeling/renovation, and concrete cutting.

Is your company ready to be part of a new era in construction? Affordable, efficient and green are what Cratos Equipment stands for and we’d love to help you learn more. You can reach us at (954)-978 3440 or send us a message.

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