We’ve Got a Battery-Powered Mini Skid Steer—And It Could Pay for Itself in Just 40 Days


We’ve Got a Battery-Powered Mini Skid Steer—And It Could Pay for Itself in Just 40 Days

Start by completely slashing fuel costs – then see what it saves you in labor

You know who your enemy is if you’re in the business of facilities management, concrete cutting, or remodeling and renovation. It’s not always the competition pounding away at your bottom line. It’s the cost of operating your equipment.

Fuel and maintenance can gobble up nearly half your operational budget, and it’s a line item you can’t cut. Or can you?

A radical, money-saving solution

Forward-thinking construction companies are replacing their combustion engine-powered equipment with battery-powered construction equipment. It’s the secret weapon your competition may be using to underbid you for new business.

The world’s most advanced battery-powered mini skid steer

The main reason construction companies are adding the Sherpa to their lineup? Zero fuel costs. Zip. Nada. It plugs into any standard 110-volt outlet for easy charging and then runs on batteries. And no, you’re not going to deal with a stop-and-wait-every-hour recharging scenario. The Sherpa will give you a full 8-hour workday.

There’s no power sacrifice going on here, either. You’ll see no difference between a conventional fuel-powered skid and the Sherpa’s electric motor system. What you will notice, though is what’s not noticeable. The Sherpa is virtually silent. Absolutely no exhaust emissions mean you can use it in enclosed spaces and it’s OSHA-approved for that purpose.

Interior work is where the Sherpa excels. This mini skid tips the scales at 1,600 pounds. Steer it right into a standard elevator to work on upper floors. Skip the lifting crane. You’ll have no difficulty navigating the Sherpa because it fits through any standard US doorway with room to spare. At less than 31 inches wide, you won’t even have to take the door off its hinges.

A transformation machine

The Sherpa is an awesome piece of electric construction equipment as it is, but it’s got a bunch of tricks up its construction sleeve. It ranges from the ability to be a compact mini loader to transform into a remote-controlled demolition robot.

  • Make quick work of concrete demolition with a 350-foot-pound hydraulic hammer
  • Then switch to a grapple to dispose of the demo material
  • Add a bucket and turn your Sherpa into a mini dozer to scoop up the rest
  • Clean up with a powered roller broom attachment when you’re done
  • Landscapers love the Sherpa for its ability to dispense with backbreaking trenches and holes using an auger attachment

Actual dollars and cents

You’re bombarded with claims that companies have cost-saving solutions for your construction company. The problem with their value propositions is that you seldom get to see real-world examples. Want some actual numbers? Try these on for size.

The estimated cost to operate the Sherpa is an impressive $4.15 a day. Prove it, you say? Follow these assumptions, based on your Sherpa 100 ECO reducing your labor-force headcount for a given amount of work by 4 workers.

  • If each laborer costs you $200 per day, including WC costs & insurance, your total cost for 4 laborers is $800.
  • The Sherpa will cost you $1.65 a day for the electricity to recharge its batteries, plus an estimated $2.50 daily for average daily maintenance over its lifespan.
  • That puts your daily cost savings at $795.85.
  • It’ll take you only about 40 days of using that cost savings to pay for your Sherpa.

Now, let’s use those figures to do some forward projections. We’ll make the assumption that a year has 250 actual working days in it.

  • Your Sherpa will make you a net profit of $166,967.50 by the end of your first year of ownership.

Do your own math

“Hey, that’s not the average hour labor rate I work with.”

We understand that, which is why we’ve created a cost savings calculator you can use to load your own labor rate figures. Do the math yourself. Then consider whether placing an order for your own Sherpa makes sense. Who knew that massive construction operating savings ran on batteries?

If you’d like more information or you’re interested in purchasing any of our battery-powered equipment, call us at (954)-978-3440 or reach us through our contact form.

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