CMX18 Mini Excavator | Battery-Powered Equipment
6-12 hour runtime
7.5' dig depth
Expandable Tracks
Electric Mini Excavator for Sale

CMX18 Mini Excavator

The new electric mini excavator takes a proven concept and improves it. The CMX18 contains two lithium-ion batteries that on a full charge last up to twelve hours depending on the application– a game-changer. The battery-powered mini skid steer has zero emissions locally, reduces the noise level substantially, is maintenance-free, and is compact enough to fit just about anywhere. 


  • 100% battery-powered
  • Recharge on 110V
  • Removable ROPs 
  • Expandable Tracks

Mini Excavator Attachments

CMX 18 Specifications

Electric Motor:

Track Type and Width:

Max Aux Hydraulic Flow:

Digging Force:

48v LiFePO4 battery

9″ wide rubber

7.5 gal/min

2012 lbs.


Track Bearing Rollers:

Max Working Pressure:

Travel Speed:

6-12 hours

continuous @2100 RPM 5 Hours

continuous @1800 RPM 8 Hours

N° 3+3 low

2900/2600 psi

1-2 MPG

Life Battery Cycles:

Track Tensioning:

Hydraulic Oil Tank


Specific Group Pressure Canopy:



6.6 gal

4.3 psi

Recharge Time:

Dozer Blade:

Operating Weight:

110v-8 (two plugs) to

16 (one plug) hours

10″ x 51″

3642 psi (with ROPS)


Hydraulic System Delivery:

Break Out Force:

Box section still frame

15 gal/min

3608 lbs.